About Us

YOUPICCKFLYER_ad What is Up? BuyGhanaian.com or Up is everything and anything that helps ones  small business expand within their own community from fashion, beauty, hair, home décor, entertainment and lifestyle/fitness. Up connects small businesses with consumers who are in need of  their special skills or services. Helping consumers form a relationship with businesses in their own community that’s the buyghanaian.com mission.

There are a lot of services site out there but buyghanaian.com operates by these 3 search functions which is by state,city, zip code. We feel like when it comes to searching for the right service or skill your overall result should be simple and specific. If you agree with these three concepts then buyghanaian.com is the perfect place for you to grow your business, with today’s economy being at its worst buyghanaian.com has managed to link the average every American to skills and services in their very own backyard that they didn’t know were there.

So why register your business with buyghanaian.com, well here are a few reasons, buyghanaian.com is sponsored by one of  the biggest event coordinators in this metropolitan area,Maggy Francois through her vast network and 20 years of business experience, which includes working a long side of media giants such asNBC4, Fox News, Dc 50, CW,andBET. Maggy Francois  has also produced as FBL, Crystal Couture, Fashions Night Out, The Pink Project, and more. This is only a hint of some of the people who are behind Up or buyghanaian.com.

Just like the creator of Facebook buyghanaian.com was created by a young man by the name Preston James Thorn who believes that finding the right person or business for the job shouldn’t be hard, instead should be easy. Growing up Preston witnessed so many small businesses within his community struggling to stay afloat; he never understood why the people within his community never noticed these businesses. Preston soon realized what was missing, which was marketing; these small businesses didn’t know how to sell themselves off to the people within the community. Preston took it upon himself to be that bridge between the small businesses and the community.